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LED lighting is not the technology of the future, but the technology of today.

You'll be ready for the future, with intelligent lighting controls and greater operational efficiency.  LED Lights can be easily integrated with networked systems designed to only use electricity when it is required.  Lighting can be controlled through automatic occupancy, daylight sensing and even via remote control or software applications.

Save Energy.  Save Money. Save The Environment.  All While Taking Advantage of Available Energy Subsidies.


    Energy efficient LED Lighting for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Consider LED Lighting where:

Maintenance is costly or difficult

Use is continuous or even intermittent

Better light quality or visibility is needed.



Parking Lots

Commercial and Office

Site Security

Garage and Street

Warehouse and Storage

Five million non-residential buildings encompass 71 billion square feet of space in the United States, and nearly all of that space requires lighting. In fact, lighting accounts for roughly 20 percent of all electricity used in the United States and up to 40 percent of electricity used in commercial facilities. In a commercial building of approximately 50,000 square feet, about $45,000 is spent on lighting energy each year. Unfortunately, a significant amount of that energy is wasted because most buildings operate with aging, inefficient lighting systems.


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