HLG-1HB37 Series

Our 200 watt Veg light featuring 6500 K full spectrum white LEDs will cover 4x4 footprint.

HLG-1PG46 Series

Our 550 watt Flower light features 4000 K full spectrum white with a boost of 660 nm red. Will cover 4x4 or 5x5 footprint.

UV Potency Plus

Our 32 watt proprietary flrescent UVB tubes will increase THC levels by up to 25% during flower. They come in 4 and 8 foot fixtures


Our 80 watt Clone light featuring 6500K  Full spectrum white LED's will easily cover 4x4 foot print.

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7025 SW 52nd Ave

Portland, Oregon

(503) 490-4025

Light-Waves Electronics

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