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Light-Waves Electronics, Inc. is dedicated to providing creative cost effective lighting solutions for the Legal Cannabis Industry.  All of our products are energy efficient, environmentally responsible and cost effective using Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.


Light-Waves Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1992 and has grown from Distributing LED components to become a leader in LED lighting.  With our new Hy-Light Series of LED Grow Lights we are excited to move forward and control the design and quality of our products as a true manufacturer, We are  dedicated to providing creative lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and office use for both public and private applications.


Mr. Kruss is a recognized innovator of LED lighting solutions for the retail and agricultural industries both locally & internationally. He is also a frequent speaker and guest presenter around the country.   

Steve will share his 35 years of knowledge and experience of a wide range of areas from components to commercial lighting . Steve is a recognized innovator of LED lighting solutions and has an extensive client list not limited to production sites, lighting manufacturers, scientists and leaders in the Cannabis industry.

Steve is the President of Light-Waves Electronics Inc., a company he started 31 years ago. The company has evolved over the years from a Distributor of Opto-Electronic components to a leader in LED Lighting in the Pacific NW. Steve's passion to reduce energy use and leave a better planet for his two kids is his driving force. As a Steering Committee member for the Portland Winter Light Festival and now a Board Member of Bodyvox, Steve enjoys the opportunity to use his business experience to help the Portland Art community thrive.

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